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OPEA Partners sells a portfolio of 60 industrial warehouses in Villaverde

Updated: Mar 1

OPEA has found a buyer, a fund from NY, for the 60 companies belonging to a Madrid SA company and located in Villaverde, south of Madrid. It was 60,000 m2 occupied by about thirty tenants.

These warehouses had more than 30 years of existence and belonged to the same family which over time had grown its portfolio in the area. The 60 industrial warehouses spread over 15 blocks in the same industrial zone had no logistics activity until now.

This portfolio that OPEA Partners sold is a good example of the evolution of the industrial zone of Madrid the last 2 decades. OPEA reported on Google Earth Pro some satellite images of this evolution:




The objective of the purchaser is to transform these warehouses into a logistics platform after repositioning for Last-mile logistics.

The Last-mile logistics market is very active in Madrid, particularly between the south and the east of the capital up to Guadalaraja. This Villaverde warehouses portfolio was the last available in the inner suburbs with such a size (60,000 m2).

From now on, funds are looking more and more at industrial land to build volume there. OPEA Partners is the only intermediary in the operation and has been working on the product since 2019 seeing the growing need for real estate for e-commerce. "The opportunity to convert industrial assets in last-mile logistics has just begun. A new life for this assets has begun" say Philippe Chevassus, partners of OPEA. "The key is to have access to off market assets and with minimum size".

It is in this approach that the director of OPEA Partners wanted to present this off-market product of Villaverde to potential investors as a "portfolio of last-mile assets" from June 2019. OPEA specializes in the sale of off market assets to be converted into Last-mile logistics. On the main Spanish market and close to large urban centers.

We focus on portfolio of industrial assets (lands and warehouses) to convert in last-mile logistics.


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