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OPEA in galician daily about why and how to invest in galice assets- Read article


Last event OPEA WOMMs Madrid

80 profesionals of the real estate have assisted in our Real estate networking event in our offices.

A good ocasion to meet inversor, profesionals and get more offmarket products in Spain.

Next event will take place in february.

Event networking Club Financiero Genova el 19/02

El pasado 19/02, WOMMs y OPEA han  organizado los Premios Le Courrier con inversores internacionales y miembros de la red WOMMs. 200 invitados

We organised more than 250 events in the last 12 years- Each event is new offmarket asset access...

in the last 10 years, we have organized in Madrid, Valencia and Paris business event with top executives. These event, calle WOMMs, has been key to develop locals network and chase good assets for our Real Estate & infrastructure service. More than 250 events in ten years. We open in 2018 WOMMs Warsaw


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Philippe Chevassus

Founder OPEA

Philippe arrived in Spain in 1997. He worked in Saint Gobain, Danone and L'Oréal Spain before to launch real-estate & economic french newspaper Le Courrier d'Espagne witch is still running. He found buisness networking WOMMs in 2007 and OPEA Partners in 2017. Languages: French, Spanish, English, Russian.

You need any offmarket assets in Spain? 


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